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I've just created a new blog and home page (…) over on a great new social site called Theologica (  It is a blog/forum/social site cited as "a bible, theology, politics, news, networking, and discussion site".  The site was recently created by one of the head guys from Reclaiming The Mind Miniseries ( (the folks that do The Theology Program…) and he just contacted me to ask me to help administer the site and moderate things there.   It has only been around for a week or so, and already has over 500 members with over 9,500 others already invited with over 1,400 pages created or updated today alone.  You can link to people like you do on MySpace or Facebook, follow their blogs, comment on their pages, join Christian discussion groups on lots of different topics (cosmology, eschatology, dispensationalism, Calvinism/Arminianism, christian archeology, to name a few), interact on the forum, announce different Christian courses and events, tons of RSS feeds, widgets, and all kinds of things.  I'd really like to help to make it a huge success.  If discussion with other Christians or discussion of Christian topics is of interest to you, can you join me over there?  
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Submitted on
June 10, 2008