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Submitted on
June 1, 2008


  • Mood: Artistic
I am looking for a good tutorial on how to make classic fern fractals.  I am wanting to replicate something like… or… or… with an ultimate goal of trying to add texture to the "stem" and "branches" like :iconclairejones: does with her Julian Rings tutorial (like… like to basically try to mix the two.  I can't seem to find any tutorials on how to make these ferns though.  Anyone have any ideas?

Ferns are such a great fractal form and easy to use as an example.  I was thinking about getting a great fractal like that and add the classic fractal formula for the Mandelbrot set (Z=Z^2+C) to it and have it printed on a T-shirt or hat or something.  I think it would peak people's curiosity and open up the topic of fractals.  If nothing else, it would make for some cool wallpaper. LOL
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AmorinaAshton Jun 5, 2008   Digital Artist
Did you try Cabintoms leaf script? :shrug: i got this soft leaf out of it if you remember [link] but never tried after that if it also makes fern shape. The link to the script is at my picture.
djeaton3162 Jun 5, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No, I didn't. I forgot he had one. LOL I'll check it out. I need to email him and make sure he's OK. He's been much too quiet lately.
:ahoy:You probably know about this, but maybe it will help [link]
mistywisp Jun 3, 2008
Is Liz Tomchek's Fern script any help to you?

{Fern/tree starter script
by Elizabeth Tomchek
Please note this script makes the exact
same flame over and over- tweaking is necessary
to make your flames unique!}
transform.a := 0.321412;
transform.b := 0.321412;
transform.c := -0.321412;
transform.d := 0.321412;
transform.e := 0.27088;
transform.f := -0.313205;
transform.a := 0.146502;
transform.b := -0.192551;
transform.c := -0.134312;
transform.d := 0.20745;
transform.e := -0.027088;
transform.f := 0.031489;
transform.a := 0;
transform.b := -1;
transform.c := -1;
transform.d := 0;
transform.e := 0.1;
transform.f := -0.1;
transform.symmetry := 1;
transform.weight := 1;
//end code
djeaton3162 Jun 3, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've played with it, but can't seem to get much variety or "softness" out of it. Nothing like the links I posted. I'm just clueless, I guess.
mistywisp Jun 3, 2008
I'm sure it will come to you. :D
Im not sure if you're looking for a tutorial in Apophysis for creating ferns, but I have found a freeware program called Context Free Art [link] that can generate quite beautiful foliage [link] [link] .The site is clean and safe (McAfee Site Advisor) and quite interesting image wise . Regards, Catherine.
Rozrr Jun 2, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
I have a script somewhere that is supposed to do ferns. I will look it out for you when I get back from the post.

FracFx Jun 2, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think this is what you're referring to as far as "classic" ferns, the "Barnsley Fern" at the bottom on this page. It's one of the first things I learned (even before julians,lol) and how I make angel wings, etc. like the ones in my avatar and main display pic. I'll see if I can find a decent flame example for you too as I was just going over some ancient flames and have those although no tutorials for it.
djeaton3162 Jun 2, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It *mentions* ferns, but the tutorial is for Serpinski’s Gasket. It doesn't show (at least in a way that I can comprehend) how to actually do ferns with Apophysis. :(
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