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Submitted on
July 25, 2008


  • Mood: Frustrated
Today is the 25th.  It has been over three weeks since I was told that my disability benefits were being canceled.  And, with only 5 days remaining before my expected last check (what I was planning on living off of and using to pay for additional doctor visits) I find out that they have not yet approved the letter detailing why my claim was canceled, much less mailed it, and all the details of my right to appeal this and how to do that are in that letter.  To make matters worse, I am told that I'm not going to be getting the check at the end of this month.  I haven't even received the referral yet that it took me until the 14th to be able to get into the doctor to request.  By the time a referral to an out-of-state expert in this condition arrives, I'll have no medical insurance and no money to pay for it myself.  

This is *my* budget and clock they are running out.  It is *my* health and psychy that they are screwing with.  It has only been 5 minutes since I found out this news, and my arms are already numb, I have chest pains, and my entire head feels like someone shot it up with Novocain.  I've even gotten sick over this and thrown up.  I am going to need some serious down-time.  If you don't see me around much, you'll know why.
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Escara40 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2008   General Artist
Hi Daniel
I am so sorry you are having to go through such a hard time. I hope, soon everything will turn to the best for you :hug:
Nevertheless I wish you good luck :love:
1arcticfox Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2008
I would be persistent with BOTH your Congressmen and Senators........VERY persistent. After I finally GOT on disability.........a number of months down the road my SS check was lost in the mail. SS said they couldn't do anything to get me the money and I'd have to file this paper and that one and wait 30 days.....and I had NO money. I got on the phone with my local Senator's office and Social Security had it cleared up in a 3 days. Keep bugging them....the Senator's.....politely, but firmly. Good Luck Daniel and Hugzzzzzzzz! :hug: :hug: :hug:
Actionjack52 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm sorry you're going through this Daniel! I really feel badly for you. Take care of yourself and I'll keep my fingers crossed for your good health.
JackieW Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2008
Hi Deaton, we haven't met, but I have been following your work for some time. After reading your journal, I recalled that a friend of mine had a similar problem. I don't know what kind of plan you have, but hers was a long-term disability coverage plan she paid for every month through her employer. To make this short, when she became disabled, she applied for benefits. The way the plan was written, it did not matter what the disability was, as long as it prevented you from doing the work you were doing when you were injured, they would pay out. Well, they tried to get out of paying her, and the way we fought it was to prepare lawsuit documents, threatening to sue them in court (for big bucks), unless they settled the matter immediately according to the terms of the plan. She received her first check ten days later. More and more these days plans are dropping people left and right for no reasons whatsoever, but you do have a recourse within your court's system. I hope that helps.
djeaton3162 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My problem is similar except that I qualify as long as I cannot earn at least half of my prior salary and I have to prove my disability "to the satisfaction of the claims administrator". Nothing in the plan states that the claims administrator has to articulate or document what meets their standard. So, it doesn't matter what I submit. They can always say that it isn't enough. I'm going to contact a lawyer on Monday though. If I can find one that is willing to sue them for my benefits plus court costs and only charge me if they win, I'm ready to sign up.
JackieW Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2008
Good luck with that and please keep us posted. Take care!
Thelma1 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2008
I am so sorry you are having to go through all this hardship Daniel, you are in my thoughts and prayers :heart:
PatriciaRodelaArtist Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Daniel, I'm so very sorry that not only are you ill but now you aren't going to be able to get the benefits you are entitled to!!!:no:

You and so many others that are dealing with such unfair circumstances are in my prayers! :hug:
Rozrr Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Daniel I am really sorry things screwed up for you. I really wish I could offer some practical help, but you already know my situation.

I hope you can get your head together and find a solution. I will be thinking of you.

Roz X
live2b Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2008
I am so sorry about this Daniel. I'll be praying for you!!! :hug:
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